Licensed Registered Professional Engineers

NACE International Certified

  • Cathodic Protection Specialists
  • Corrosion Specialist
  • Cathodic Protection Technicians
  • Cathodic Protection Testers
  • Corrosion Technicians
  • Coating Inspectors

Operator Qualified (OQ) Compliant Through ISNetworld

  • AOCFG – Abnormal Operating Conditions- Field OQ
  • GMT – Gas Maintenance Specialty Technician- Leakage Survey OQ
  • CPFT1I – Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1- Installation OQ

Washington State General Electrician Administrators and Master Electrician

  • DOT Compliant
  • OSHA 10-Hour Compliant
  • MSHA Certified
  • In-House Safety Training Program
  • First-Aid and CPR Training Programs
  • A Drug-Free Work Place