Underground Pipelines – Galvanic System
Galvanic systems are commonly used on underground structures because they are cost-effective and do not require an external power source.

Deepwell Anode Installation – Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)
ICCP deepwell systems are used where there is a limited right-of-way to improve current distribution for longer pipe runs.

Pier Pipe Piles – Impressed Current System
The corrosion of metallic structures in seawater can be reduced to a low value by the application of cathodic protection. Impressed current systems use direct current from a low voltage source that is introduced into the seawater at a suitable distance from the pier pipe/piles.

Surface Condenser Waterbox – Impressed Current System
The surface condenser waterbox, tubes and the tubesheet can all be made of different metal alloys that are in contact with the circulating water. The water becomes the electrolyte between the metal alloys creating electrolytic corrosion. An impressed current cathodic protection system consisting of probe anodes can be employed to mitigate this problem.

Cathodic Protection System for Water Reservoirs
Galvanic or impressed current type systems available. Smaller, well-coated tanks such as fire water tanks will utilize galavanic CP systems. Larger reservoirs or reservoirs where the coating systems are older will typically require impressed current type system. Either system can extend the coating life by protecting the exposed metal at coating holidays