Mechanical Joint Bond Strap – #2 HMWPE x 24"L with #12 RHW x 12"L Jumpers and Thermite Sleeves

Factory Made Bonds

Cable Bonds with terminal ends that are thermite welded across pipe connections to insure electrical continuity between pipe lengths for cathodic protection systems.

Mechanical Joint Bond Straps – 2 AWG HMWPE x 24" Long with Sleeves and 12” pig tails each end

Used to bond metal pipes with mechanical joint fittings. The pig-tails weld to mechanical joint fittings in order to keep electrical continuity at joint. An Exothermic Welder is used to spot-weld the Mechanical Joint Bond Straps in order to jump from one pipe to another


Click here to view the Exothermic Materials for spot-welding straps to pipe joints.

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