Morganode II™ – Marine Anodes

Norton Corrosion Limited’s Morganode II™ Marine Anodes are designed for physically harsh environments where protective current is required. The HDPE body provides superior operating endurance in pump housing, sheet pile wall and pipe pile applications.

  • Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) or Platinum coated titanium elements.
  • Anode shield and non-metallic frame are chemical-resistant.
  • Dielectric anode shield extends beyond frame for improved current distribution and lead wire strain relief.
  • Protect pipe piles, sheet pile walls, trash racks, intake structures, pump housings from corrosion.
  • 50’ of #6 AWG HMWPE HALAR insulated lead wire standard. Custom cable types and lengths available.
  • Custom brackets can be fabricated for any structure.
  • Ideal for marine installations – no small parts for divers to handle.

Morganode II™ Output:

Small – 1-3/4” X 36” 20 YEAR 15 AMPS2
Large – 2” X 48” 20 YEAR 23 AMPS3
  1. Based upon 200 micro-inch of platinum thickness and 32 ohm-cm seawater.
  2. Equals output of 8 aluminum anodes 5” x 5” x 48” (120lbs) over 8 year design life in same conditions.
  3. Equals output of 12 aluminum anodes 5” x 5” x 48” (120lbs) over 8 year design life in same conditions.

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