Installation Services


  • Nearly 50 years of experience in cathodic protection(CP) system installation.
  • Installation services are typically provided for these areas: Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Other locations may be provided upon request.
  • NACE certified CP and Corrosion Technicians.
  • Licensed by the Washington State DOE and the Oregon State DEQ to perform CP installation and testing on Underground Storage Tanks (UST).
  • ICC UST Supervisor in both Washington and Oregon.
  • NCL holds a General Contractors License to perform work in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Nevada.
  • NCL holds a Washington State Electrical Contractors License.

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Typical Installation Sites

Military Bases

NCL has completed many projects on military bases throughout Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Guam, Alaska and more. This includes the installation of cathodic protection ground-beds for protecting above and below ground storage tanks and piping.


Numerous projects for various municipalities have included cathodic protection systems for the interior of water reservoirs. Despite the many challenges regarding water reservoir structural dimensions, NCL’s cathodic protection installation crew is efficient and safe when on the job. Click here to see projects.

Docks and Pilings

Installing CP systems on docks and/or pilings can be difficult because of high winds, waves and tidal activity. NCL’s CP installation crew often works with professional divers to complete underwater anode systems. NCL is highly experienced and well trained in unique safety provisions required when working in these active sites.


Intake structures, docks and irrigation pipelines present certain challenges as these systems are commonly large bare structures. NCL’s experience in protecting these systems provides us the background to design CP systems that are effective and efficient. NCL commonly works with farm labor to install CP systems at a cost savings to our clients.