Manufacturing Services

Custom-built anodes and reference electrodes

Cathodic protection(CP) systems are often designed for structures in challenging locations with unique specifications that require particular installation processes. NCL can design and build custom anodes and reference electrodes to perform in locations like these or nearly any other industrial application.

Custom-built anode mounting assemblies

A major contributor to CP system failure is improper or inadequate anode mounting or positioning. The risk of anode failure by electrical shorting can become a costly problem if the anode is not securely mounted in place.

Custom-built junction and electrical pull boxes

NCL builds CP junction boxes and pull-boxes per your project’s specification. These boxes are often required to comply with NACE, NEC, ASTM and NEMA standards.

CP system repairs

Repairing an existing CP system may be a more economical choice than installing a new one. NCL’s field technicians can trouble-shoot faulty systems and determine if repairs are more cost effective than replacements. NCL is capable of handling repair projects of all sizes.

Anode and reference electrode re-building

In some cases, NCL can rebuild Bayanode probe anodes, probe reference electrodes and Morganode IIs by extracting and recovering functioning elements and reconstructing them into our advanced internal seals and robust external epoxy coatings. Click here for more information.

Rectifier troubleshooting and repair

NCL engineers and technicians are certified and trained in rectifier troubleshooting and repairs. Our close relationship with rectifier manufacturers enables us to keep repair times to a minimum.

Export and ocean-going crating capabilities

NCL products are shipped to some of the harshest environments on earth and we take great pride in making sure they arrive intact. All international crating materials conform to ISPM-15 regulations.

Project kitting available

Large projects, with or without multiple on-site locations, can be organized and kitted at NCL to make your final delivery simple, efficient and quick. For example, NCL kitted a project for a customer that needed four different CP systems at 2 different areas at one renovation project site. Each system was carefully organized, contained and marked appropriately so the receiving end could easily decipher the contents and the exact field location.